The Italian Day Nursery

176 Clapham Road, Stockwell, Lambeth, London, SW9 0LA
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Welcome to the Italian Day Nursery in Lambeth. We are a bilingual nursery, teaching both Italian and English to children from 17 months to 5 years of age.

We welcome all nationalities and cater also to the Italian community within London. We strongly believe that a positive integration for the children is important, so that we can meet the values, cultural and religious beliefs.

The children who do not speak Italian, when starting nursery, will benefit from learning a second language that they will acquire unconsciously by the informal learning process carried out in the nursery.

We have been awarded outstanding by Ofsted who recognised our strengths within the setting.

“The provision is outstanding. Children are very safe in the nursery. The management and staff team have an excellent understanding of their role in safeguarding children to keep them safe and protect them from harm”.

 Ofsted Report November 2015

Library & Computer Area

Mathematics Area

All our staff take responsibilities towards your child very seriously, and aim to help all children to achieve to their full potential.

The children's development needs are met through challenging and simulating environments, in which they gain their confidence and self esteem.

The planned activities we organise, encourage the development of each child towards all of the six areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

 It is through careful observations that we plan appropriate activities which are best suited to each child's ability.

"Key persons know their children extremely well and meet their individual needs very effectively.

Children settle well in the nursery and form secure attachments with their special person. This effectively promotes their high levels of self-esteem"

Ofsted Report November 2015

Alongside the EYFS curriculum, we offer a range of extra curriculum activities such as drama, dance and karate. 
These activities take place once a week and are included within the fees at no extra cost.

“The quality of teaching is exceptionally high and staff use their highly effective skills to tailor activities for children's individual needs and learning styles.

Children make excellent progress in their learning and development”

Ofsted Report November 2015

We are passionate on developing new learning experiences for the children, to encourage their creativity and imagination.

All activities are carried out in both Italian and English by the bilingual staff, and will take place both indoors and outdoors.


Creative Area

We have developed an open plan play room which has been divided up into two main areas.

There are individual learning areas set up for the children to explore including a role play area, creative area, mathematics area, language and literacy area, knowledge and understanding of the world and a quiet area for reading and relaxing.

“Staff are highly skilled at tailoring their teaching to the children's varying ages and stages of development.”

Ofsted Report November 2015

All children have access to water throughout the day, which is labelled clearly with the child’s name and is located on the drinks table easily accessible at all times!

“Staff are extremely aware of children's individual abilities and promote these exceptionally well during planned activities and children's self-chosen play.

”Ofsted Report November 2015

To develop social and physical skills, children are encouraged to interact in small and large groups with adults.

"Staff constantly strive to make changes to move the nursery forward, such as planning to implement home visits to ease settling in the younger children".

Ofsted Report 2015

Awareness of the needs of the others and understanding of right and wrong are highly enhanced through the learning experiences.

The curriculum we follow encourages awareness of a multicultural society with the celebration of different and various festivals throughout the year.

The daily routine, with its practical activities and hygiene procedures, will give the children opportunities to gain self confidence and self discipline.

Language & Literacy Area


Also included in the nursery activities are short trips or visits to places of interest such as parks or museums and a large outing for the whole group of children and families is arranged during the summer term.

“Partnerships with parents and other professionals are excellent. Staff work closely with parents, sharing information about children's progress.

Parents are fully involved in their children's learning.

For example, staff give parents ideas for fun activities that they complete with their children at home."

Ofsted Report November 2015

We have a superb outdoor area that has been split up into 3 parts. We have a decking area for the children to use sand and water and carry out classroom activities such as art and craft, play dough, table top equipment and reading books.

We have our very own growing patch that we use to grow flowers and vegetables, and we have a large area which the children use to ride the bikes and scooters. There is a large climbing frame for the children to explore as well as lots of equipment for them to choose from!

The nursery has invested a lot of money into many resources for the children and ensuring that the safety and security is in place to safeguard each child.

Nursery Gallery