The Farningham Day Nursery

13/14 Eynsford Road, Farningham, Dartford, Kent, DA4 0DB
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The Farningham Day Nursery we recognise the huge importance that parents attach to choosing the best possible care for their children. You want to know that your child will be well looked after in a happy and secure environment and that he or she will receive only the best care and attention when not at home.

We pride ourselves on providing exactly those high standards that you require and we believe that we are able to achieve them by succeeding in two vital areas;
  •  Employing first class practitioners to care for your child
  • Providing the best possible facilities for your child within a small & friendly environment.
Our aim is to develop the full potential of each individual child by providing an environment which enhances opportunities to learn through play. We promote positive experiences, encouraging each child to explore and experiment independently at a level which suits the child.

We pride ourselves in having a consistent staff team. We attract and retain highly qualified practitioners and are committed to the personal professional development of each individual member of our team. The experienced members of our team are able to pass on their first class knowledge to our less experienced members of staff and apprentices.

Welcome to Farningham Nursery

Baby Room

We accept babies from three months old and have created a separate area, away from bigger and more active children, where they are able to explore and develop in an environment created specifically for them.

"Babies are fully engaged in their learning as they play in a warm, nurturing environment in the baby room.

They experience textures and sounds with a range of age appropriate activities". Ofsted Report 2014

There is also a sleep room adjacent to the babies room, where each child has his or her own cot on the days that they attend the nursery. This enables them to continue their own sleep patterns throughout the day without being disturbed by other children.

Our premises have been specially converted and extended for use as a nursery with purpose-built classrooms and bathroom facilities to cater for the different age groups. Nappies for all babies and toddlers are provided by the nursery.

Toddlers have their own classroom with toilets and washing facilities specifically designed for small children. Their room is well equipped with books, toys and learning tools suitable for their age group.

We also arrange walks around the village for all the children, which includes a weekly visit to the mobile library bus. At certain times throughout the year we organise day trips away from the nursery, our main event being our summer outing.

 We organise a range of fun sponsored events for the children to take part in, to raise funds for the children’s charities that the nursery supports. This includes our popular sponsored Toddle that takes place in the local park.

"Children are cared for in an extremely safe and secure environment where highly effective risk assessments are used efficiently to ensure their ongoing health and safety". Ofsted Report 2014

The 2-3's Room

Pre School Room

Our pre-school programme for the older children follows OFSTED guidelines and focuses on the six key areas of learning show on the right.

Using these areas as our basis we help to develop each child’s full potential through a variety of structured and free-time activities. These include arts and crafts, modelling, role playing, story times, word games, music and movement, number play, work with shapes, group activities and team projects.

"Staff have an exemplary knowledge and understanding of how children learn, and how to challenge them. This helps children to make significant progress". Ofsted Report 2014

Group French lessons are available for our pre-school children on selected days only. These lessons are taught by an accredited French tutor; there is no additional charge for this.

We also arrange walks around the village for all the children and at certain times throughout the year we organise day trips away from the nursery.

"The outdoor area provides an extensive variety of play experiences which incorporates all areas of learning exceptionally well.

A broad selection of physical activities promotes the development of children's larger muscles. For example, children use bikes, scooters, large and small climbing equipment, large tyres and a pirate ship". Ofsted Report 2014

We are privileged and proud to have a wonderful and secure garden which is the centre piece of our nursery. Accessed by every age group in all weathers, it provides a natural setting to support learning through play.

When you visit us you will see what a wonderful environment we have provided for the children to explore and discover!

We invite parents into the setting on regular occasions throughout the year for a variety of fun parent workshops and meetings to sit down with your Child's key worker and discuss their progress.

Garden Grass Area

Nursery Gallery