Sandcastles Day Nursery

Yenton Primary School, Chester Road, Erdington, Birmingham, West Midlands, B24 0ED
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Welcome to Sandcastles Day Nursery in Erdington. We care for children from 12 months - 5 years old and have split them into 2 groups known as the Jungle Room (12 mths - 3 yrs) and Pre School (3  yrs - 5 yrs).

We are situated on the grounds of Yenton Primary School and are open 7am until 6pm, Monday to Friday.

We provide a safe, secure, stimulating and most importantly fun environment, so all the babies and children can experience a variety of activities and opportunities which can help support their personal development.

We know that starting a new nursery with lots of different and unfamiliar faces can be quite daunting for some young children. Therefore it is very important to work together, as nursery staff and parents to help the child feel confident and secure at nursery.

Parents should not feel worried that their child is taking a while to settle. We encourage parents to visit with their child for as many times as it is necessary for short periods before starting nursery, this can often make a huge difference and can ease initial anxieties.

Role Play - Farmyard Theme

Staff regularly attend additional training opportunities so that new ideas and initiatives can be implemented in to the setting. The setting has good staff to child ratio and all staff are CRB checked and fully qualified or working towards a qualification and the Manager holds Early Years Professional Status.

“Children's well-being is given the highest priority. There are very good relationships between staff and children in a happy and welcoming environment.” – Ofsted Report March 2016.

Here at Sandcastles Day Nursery we pride our self in the excellent partnerships we have with parents.

We recognise that parents know their child the best so this is why it is vital we build good parent key person relationships from the start, so children settle quickly and feel confident in the activities provided.   We recognise their interests and this is all gathered through regular open communications with parents.

“There are strong partnerships with parents. Staff guide them very effectively in the support of their children's learning.

They are well informed about their children's progress and activities and are involved in many events at the nursery. ”- Ofsted Report March 2016

The Jungle Room is designed so that all equipment is accessible to all children, all of the time, this allows for a range of interests to be explored at once.

All activities will be carried out in a happy, loving, language rich environment where children are encouraged with lots of love, fun and cuddles.

“Children's needs are very well met and they are emotionally secure.” – Ofsted Report March 2016.

Our large open plan room has a relaxed environment with great emphasis being placed upon learning through play.

There are a wide range of stimulating and exciting areas with plenty of toys and equipment to  build knowledge and skills.

Jungle Room

Pre School Room

The pre school room accommodates 29, 3-4 year olds and its open plan design is very similar to a reception classroom.

“All children including those who receive funded education make good progress in their learning.” – Ofsted March 2016 

The Pre School room has a computer area, construction area, sand area, quiet book corner, writing area, role play area and many fun stimulating opportunities and experiences.

"The quality of teaching is consistently good and children make good progress.

Staff provide well-planned, interesting activities and learning opportunities to support children's play. " Ofsted Report March 2016

We organise regular outing to local attractions, which help us to reinforce current planning activities the children are covering.

“They use their observations of children's progress to establish their starting points and identify gaps in learning quickly.

Monitoring of all children's progress is very thorough.”- Ofsted Report March 2016.  

We have a secure outdoor play area which we have designed for all age groups to enjoy. There is a shaded area where the younger age groups can enjoy the lovely weather, along with sand pits and water trays, climbing frames, cars and bikes, and a Wendy house to explore.

Outside play is not just an area to let off some steam and promote physical exercise. It is a large area where children can use their imagination on a grander scale involving children of all ages, it is as much a physical development area as it is a social learning environment.

We invite parents into the setting on regular occasions throughout the year for a variety of fun parent workshops, where parents get to spend some fun time at nursery with their child (these are always very popular events!).

"Children learn about a variety of other cultures and festivals. Their home cultures are valued and celebrated"  - Ofsted Report March 2016

We also hold Easter bonnet parades, Christmas sing a long productions and a fabulous pre school graduation ceremony (all bring a tissue events).

Outdoor Play Area

Construction Play Area

We have set up an outdoor construction area for the children to enjoy.  Through Imaginative play, the chldren are able to role play and act out a building site scenario, which are then hugely enriched through the special nature of being outside. 

“Children are active outdoors each day. They develop their physical skills well through the use of a range of good quality resources.”- Ofsted Report March 2016  

All children have opportunities to climb and balance on logs, role play in the construction area, explore the sand pit, ride scooters/bicycles on our paved area, hunt for bugs and mini beasts in the bug hotel, grow vegetables in our growing area, read a story or chalk in a wooden canopy, and enjoy many more valuable learning experiences.

"Children's behaviour is excellent and they learn to share and take turns.". Ofsted Report March 2016

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