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2 Old Bromford Lane, Ward End, Birmingham, West Midlands, B8 2RG
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Welcome to Prime Time Day Nursery in Ward End.  We are providing full day care for children as early six weeks to eight years of age to the local and surrounding areas of Ward End in Birmingham.

We run a holiday Play Scheme for children from 5-8 years during the school holidays.

Our aim and ethos within our provision is to offer a happy, friendly, warm and relaxed atmosphere/environment, where you will be able to trust my staff and myself. We believe all children are individual, and we endeavour to meet all their needs.

The biometric finger print system located at the front door and CCTV throughout the nursery ensures your child's safety is of paramount importance to us at all times.

Open Door Policy

We feel that an open door policy promotes transparency and enables you to visit the nursery setting at a time convenient to you.  We are happy for you to visit the nursery setting at any time when hopefully you will be able to receive a snapshot of life here at Prime Time.

Welcome to Prime Time Nursery

Baby Room

Our Baby unit is located on the first floor and is divided into 3 rooms.  We have the baby room that is devoted to babies from 6 weeks up to 12 months or at least until they are becoming more mobile.  We then have a crawler room for the children from when they are either 12 months or that more mobile till around 18 months.  From 18 months we have our toddler room which is up to 2 1/2 years.

We understand how a mother and father are feeling and adapt a home from home feeling, as we want your baby/child to settle in without any disruption, we realise that your baby requires our full attention, and therefore our baby & crawler room has a permanent staff ratio of 1 carer to 3 babies.

Our staff at Prime Time Day Nurseries will always have time to play, interact, stimulate and encourage your baby/child through his/her development milestones from simply lifting up its head, to holding a rattle, crawling, sitting and walking, as your child becomes more independent he/she will begin to take part in new and more challenging activities, such as exploring materials and objects, playing with push along toys, messy play, water play and start singing to favourite nursery rhymes.

Ball games will be encouraged, as will building of towers with cubes and blocks, to help guild our staff, all our children from 6weeks to five years focus on working towards The Early Foundation Stage goals, where child observations and individual learning plans are carried out, this ensures your child is supported in every possible way.

Before your child starts with us, we feel it’s very important for both you and your child, to have some time to get to know us, and our environment.

We strongly recommend that you and your child attend these sessions, as you both will feel more comfortable.

 The Nursery Manager will arrange for you to bring your child along to our nursery, for a couple of visits, more if required, on the last visit we advise that you leave your child in our care, so both you and your child can prepare from the short separation.

As you meet the staff within the baby unit, you will find how motivated, knowledgeable and well trained they are in caring for your child. 

We will supply all baby food for your child at this early stage, then as your child becomes older and the weaning stage starts we encourage your child onto our nursery food.
All formula milk up, until 1 year is provided and your child’s bottle feeds will be prepared as and when your child needs your bottle.

Those mothers whom choose to breastfeed, are welcome to come in and have a room for their own privacy, but at the same time are encouraged to supply expressed breast milk, which we can store.   All feeds we supply to your child will be provided at the correct temperature and administered to your baby as required to meet your individual needs.

Crawler Room

Toddler Room

Each child is given the opportunity to make their own choices on a daily basis, when support and guidance from your child’s key person.

 This room is a varied age range, but as we reflect each individual meets all activities and equipment for the varied age range with the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

We will encourage and work with you and your child, during potty training if this has not already started.  We ask for ten pairs of underwear and outer trousers/ shorts/ skirts to have in nursery if a toileting accident occurs.

We maintain and encourage potty training by talking the children every twenty minutes to the bathroom. All staff will work very closely with you, and you will be provided with a potty training sheet, and at the end of each day informing you how your child has got on.

Pre school has an open plan and free flow room on the ground floor which has been designed with all area’s of learning accessible to all children, allowing them more choice, freedom and experiences.

The room has four Qualified staff practitioners who have a key group each, who focus on their key groups, ILP’s Learning journals, and individual development, which they track through transitions reports.

 As your child moves into this Free - Flow room we like to introduce your child into more involved activities which will have a more challenging outcome.

We will focus on a variety of your child’s developmental milestones, Such as fine/gross motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination and his/ her concentration plan which links within the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage

  •  Physical Development ·  
  •  Expressive Art & Design ·   
  •  Personal Social and emotional Development ·     
  • Mathematics ·     
  • Understanding of the world ·   
  •  Literacy ·       
  • Communication and language

Pre School Unit

Outdoor Area

At Prime Time Day Nurseries we are very keen to develop strong relationships with you and your child. We like to liaise with our parents about the care of your child; this happens through daily sheets, special daily diaries, comment box monthly newsletters, parent’s notice board and yearly questionnaires.

To fully appreciate what “Prime Time” can offer you, why not come along and visit us, we will always be happy to show you around.

We have an open door policy, which means you can view our provision, when ever is convenient to yourselves. You will find our nursery is bright, friendly, happy, welcoming and a very homely place, where children feel loved and belonged.

Our promise to you is that your child will be looked after, with the very best care available with a wide range of stimulating activities which are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage for our children aged birth to Five years.

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