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327 Birmingham Road, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands, B72 1DL
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Welcome to Nicky Noo Nursery. We are situated off the Birmingham Road in Sutton Coldfield and cater for all children from birth to 5 years and facilitate children with special needs.

Our baby unit is located on the first floor of the nursery catering for the children from 6 weeks up to 2 years.  Downstairs we have the 2-3's and Pre School children.

We have created, along with our dedicated staff, a happy, cheerful and safe atmosphere in attractive and welcoming surroundings.

We arrange settling in sessions to help you and your child to become familiar with both the staff and nursery surroundings. Our priority is to ensure that you and your child are happy, and will work with your requests as best we can.

The safety of each child is of paramount importance to us, which is why we offer a secure entrance and security system to the nursery to control who is coming in and out of the nursery at all times.

All staff have been DBS checked and are either qualified or working towards their qualifications in childcare.

We offer funded sessional care for all children aged 3 years and over which starts the term after their 3rd birthday. 

There is also funding available for 2 year old depending on your individual circumstances.  Please contact Nicky/Laura if you feel you may meet the criteria.

Welcome To Nicky Noo

Little Ones (6weeks-1yr)

The Little Ones (6weeks - 1yr) has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our younger babies with a large play area, a separate sleeping area and a changing room all on hand. The staff provide a variety of play experiences to develop and care for each baby.

We have carefully selected a wide range of stimulating toys and equipment to entertain and stimulate your child throughout the day.

We send home at the end of each day a diary that shows you what they have eaten, had to drink, how long they have slept and of course what they have been getting up to!

The environment offers them all they need to develop their skills and confidence, preparing them for the transition into the next room, our 1-2's.
Here is where we have the 1-2's. As this age group is becoming mobile, we have designed this room with a play area for them to safely get around without getting up to mischief!

We also have an eating / messy play area to keep them entertained. We have a changing room on hand and
sleeping facilities ready for when they need a rest!.

A diary of what they have been getting up to is sent home each day for you to monitor what they have eaten, had to drink and how long they have slept.

We follow the EYFS to support the growth and development of each child, and have a designated Senco officer as well as staff being trained in first aid and health and safety.

Our 1-2's Room

Our Little Bloomer's (2-3's Room)

Here we have our 2-3's unit which is a large open plan space with distinctive areas laid out to offer the children a wider range of experiences.

We enjoy working in close partnership with parents keeping them well informed about the nursery and their child's progress. Regular workshops are organised to provide you with opportunities to get involved within the nursery and meet other parents.

Parents are advised to bring their child when they come to view the nursery.  You may wish to stay a short while on your child’s first day. 

It is our experience that children rarely cry for more than a few minutes and soon settle down happily.  You are welcome to telephone the nursery through the day to enquire about how your child is getting on.  

Once your child starts the nursery and has settled, a key worker will be allocated to your child.  The key worker will do their best to make sure the needs of your child are met within the nursery.

Our pre school unit is a large open plan area with established curricular areas such as a maths and science area, I.T and Interactive projector screen area, library, art and craft area and a home corner.

We encourage the children to free flow access between the classroom and garden which is exclusive to this age group separate from the main nursery garden area.

Staff provide a range of activities, play opportunities and equipment to give the children the best start for mainstream school.

We arrange regular Parents meetings which will give you the chance to come into nursery and discuss your child's progress.

You will also be able to read the observations and assessments that would have been carried out throughout their time at nursery.

When your child leaves nursery to attend school, you will be given a profile with samples of their work, observations and assessment records.

(Little Discoverers & Explorers) Garden Area

Outdoor Area

We have a superb outdoor area that has been split up into 3 parts. We have a purpose built play park for the children to use as well as the main grassed and paved area.

We have our very own growing patch that we use to grow flowers and vegetables, and we have a seperate area which the children use to ride the bikes and scooters and lots of equipment for them to choose from!

The nursery has invested a lot of money into many resources for the children and ensuring that the safety and security is in place to safeguard each child.

Buggy Store
The nursery has a designated area to store children’s buggies. It is requested that all buggies are folded for easy access. Buggies are left at parents own risk and we do not take liability for any damage or loss that may occur.

There is parking space available for the dropping and collection of children only.

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