Moonbeams Day Nursery

34 Bucklands End Lane, Hodge Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands, B34 6BP
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Welcome to Moonbeams Day Nursery in Hodge Hill. We have been established for 8 years now and have recently under taken refurbishment throughout the nursery which has transformed the layout of the nursery.

We have a spacious birth to 3 years department on the first floor and have dedicated the ground floor to the preschool children from 3 to 5 years.

As the safety of each child is paramount to us we ensure appropriate measures are taken to safeguard each child within the nursery. A team member greets all children, parents, carers & visitors, who when arriving gain entrance to the Nursery by ringing the bell.

Entrance to the Nursery is gained via the front door with a secure controlled entry system for staff only. We have recently upgraded the CCTV security inside & outside the nursery which is monitored in the office throughout the day.

We have off road parking available as well as use of the Hunters Moon Pub car park which is next door for your convenience. We are both committed to providing a safe, clean, stimulating and caring environment with lots of emphasis on fun!

"Nursery Proprietors/Managers – Clair and Karon"

Children are happy and settled at this friendly welcoming nursery. Staff are kind and attentive and children form close bonds with them.  They support children's emotional development well. Ofsted Report 2017

Welcome to Moonbeams Nursery

Baby Room Within Our 0-3 Unit

Welcome to the the 0-3 years unit, located on the first floor. Here we cater for children from birth until 3 years or until they become developmentally ready to move downstairs to our pre school unit. We have carefully designed safe and suitable areas for the children to explore including a quiet corner to look at books and a large play area with plenty of resources and equipment to stimulate their curiosity.

"Children of all ages are thoroughly engaged as they enjoy messy activities. For example, staff provide a variety of food products which children can explore and mix together.". Ofsted Report 2017

We strongly encourage that every child has a settling in period which is tailored to meet their individual needs.

As every child is unique we find that some children may need next to no time to settle into nursery life where as others may require a lengthy period of time. We recognise this and ensure that your child is given the time and attention needed.

"Staff are caring and attentive. They support children to learn to appreciate the needs of
others and offer explanations to help them understand boundaries.

Children receive plenty of praise and support from staff, which helps to develop their confidence and raise their self-esteem." Ofsted Report 2017

Our 0 to 3 years unit operates a free flow system. This consists of different curriculum areas set out to allow the children to access all areas & equipment independently. This encourages, good social integration and offers opportunities and facilities to promote independence and development.

We provide exciting opportunities for children to explore, which helps to create the right balance needed for children to progress within their development.

"Staff know children well. They make regular observations and assessments of children's learning and use these to plan for what children need to learn next." Ofsted Report 2017

We know the importance of nurturing children's developments and will plan for outside agencies and outings to assist with their knowledge and understanding, relating to their current planning activities.

2 - 3's Playroom Within Our 0-3 unit

Pre School Construction Area

Welcome to Preschool. We have dedicated the ground floor to our preschool children and set out curriculum areas for them to explore.

We have a quiet reading corner, construction area, role play, computer area, table top activities, as well as a separate art and craft area to get messy! The children have their own dining area and toilets which is easily accessible to them.

Each child is treated as an individual, is assessed as to their own capabilities and is encouraged to develop at their own pace to reach their true potential. This room also offers an introduction to information technology through the use of a computer with age appropriate software.

Most of our children go on to local schools and we are happy to support the transition.

"Children are eager and curious learners. They develop good social skills and are very well mannered.

Early writing skills are emerging as children make marks and begin to
recognise letters.

Children use mathematical language as they play. They are beginning to count and notice differences in size and capacity." Ofsted Report 2017

We have also been featured in the local gazette- view here

The garden has been designed to accommodate all ages with equipment to promote skills and provide plenty of fun. There is a patio area for cars and bikes, a soft floor play area for the climbing frames, a Wendy house and an area for sand and water play.

A new feature to the garden is our outdoor classroom! The children have the opportunity to use the classroom all year round.  We adapt the classroom accordingly, allowing the children to experience both planned and spontaneous activities.

We celebrate festivals through out the year to enhance the children's learning of different cultures and religions in the world around them.

We enjoy making displays with the children to reinforce the meaning and understanding of the festival or religion they have learnt about.

"Outdoor play is a regular feature of children's daily routines. There is a good range of outdoor activities to promote small and large muscle development.

Children learn about the natural world as staff encourage them to search for living creatures.." Ofsted Report 2017

Outdoor Area

Nursery Gallery