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54 Linden Grove, Nunhead, Southwark, London, SE15 3LF
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Welcome to MagicMind Nursery and Pre School in Nunhead, Southwark. We cater for children from birth to 5 years of age all year round. We employ qualified and caring staff that will ensure that your child is happy and safe within a warm and stimulating environment.

We operate a key person system, where your child will have their own key person who is responsible for your child's developmental stages. Amongst our staff are qualified Early Years Professionals, graduates and a teacher who attend regular courses to reinforce and keep up to date with any changes that may have been introduced.

The nursery is well organised and all required paperwork is maintained effectively including children's registration information and records of attendance.” Ofsted Report 2014

We encourage all prospective parents to view the nursery so you can meet the staff and children at Magic Mind. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

“Through commitment, dedication and the support of my staff, I influence a professional and caring atmosphere for children to feel welcome and confident.

Our focus is to provide our children with good fun and education through each stage of their development.

We embrace diversity and encourage strong partnership with all of our parents to give the children quality care and education in an environment specially prepared for them.”

Nursery Proprietor - Mrs Betty Nola.

Welcome To Our Nursery

Story Time at Nursery

We cater for children from birth up to around 5 years of age. We dedicate a room for the children from birth to 2 years with a play area, messy play area, sleeping facilities and a separate changing area.

We understand the needs of babies, and you can be rest assured that we really do provide the best possible care for very young children in our baby unit.

Your baby will receive our undivided love and attention with plenty of stimulation at all times. We follow any feeding pattern that you may already have in place with your child, we will be only too pleased to follow your instructions and develop a routine that suits your baby as nothing is too much trouble when it comes to your loved ones.

"‘Staff meet children's emotional needs well. Younger children snuggle in for a cuddle and staff comfort older children if they are feeling tired.

All children are clearly settled and comfortable in this warm, friendly setting" Ofsted Report 2014

" Staff know children well. They make careful observations of children's play activities so that they can plan effectively for their learning and development" Ofsted Report 2014

Babies progress to our toddler room then preschool unit when they reach the appropriate development stages. They are introduced to a more structured day with times for free play and time for craft and messy play.

These activities are planned to encourage children's growing curiosity and stimulate social, language, creative, physical and intellectual skills in a happy and secure atmosphere.

We have 2 main areas that we use for planned activities including a role play area construction play area, reading and writing area, messy play area, table top activities and a home corner.

We also have our very own art and craft area and library with computer area. Toilets are on hand and easily accessed by the children.

" Children are active learners and enjoy experimenting and using their imagination". Ofsted Report 2014

2-5's Classroom

Creative Activity

"Staff have a good knowledge of the safeguarding procedures to follow if they have concerns about a child in their care" Ofsted Report 2014

ICT plays a major part in our everyday lives, therefore, we thought it was paramount that the children were given the resources and opportunities to use technology as a learning source.

A development record is completed by your child's Key worker, throughout each term, and will be discussed with you either at Parents Evening or if you arrange for an appointment.

 " Children enjoy their time with the staff and benefit from the good key person system in place, to help them feel confident and secure." Ofsted Report 2014

" Staff observe all children as they play and use the observations to accurately assess their progress. Staff know children well and successfully plan for their developing needs". Ofsted Report 2014

We provide exciting opportunities for children to explore, which helps to create the right balance needed for children to progress within their development.

"Children are fully engaged at story time. They choose their favourite books and staff use different voices which enhance the story sessions and maintain children's interest" Ofsted Report 2014

We know the importance to nurture your child's development and will plan for outside agencies and outings to assist with their knowledge and understanding, relating to their current planning activities.

"The positive and friendly environment gives children the confidence to choose activities from the good range available" Ofsted Report 2014

Jigsaw Activity

Fun Outdoors

" Children are learning independence skills because staff encourage them to gain new skills and reward them with praise when they achieve new things". Ofsted Report 2014

We have an outdoor play area that is suitable for all age groups to enjoy. We have a range of equipment for the children to use to promote their gross motor and social skills.

We encourage as much outdoor play as possible, giving the children plenty of time to let off steam!

" Staff support children as they prepare for the move to school by providing stimulating activities to stimulate their literacy development." Ofsted Report 2014

"Parents say that daily information about nappy changes and children's well-being is useful and keeps them informed about their child's time at the nursery" Ofsted Report 2014

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