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At Little Rascals we provide a caring, stimulating, enjoyable and fun environment for children aged between 3 months and five years of age. 

Our Aldridge site has been established since 2004 and is set within an attractive art deco building which has been well designed to meet the needs of the children. 

We have worked hard to ensure that the service that we offer is the best available and will always go the extra mile to ensure that your child’s experience with us is happy, stimulating and rewarding.

Choosing the right setting for your child is one of the most important and difficult decisions that you will ever have to make. We hope that by visiting us you will gain an insight into what makes us different from other childcare providers. 

Our experienced teams will be more than happy to show you first hand our facilities. They can also discuss your child’s transition; this is individually tailored to your needs. We want you and your child to be happy and that is why we offer you a unique induction package for your child.

We employ highly qualified staff, we offer excellent facilities to care for the many families who already use our settings.

But don't just take our word for it, call in for yourself and see why so many parents have already trusted the care of their children to us.


Welcome to Little Rascals in Aldridge.

Baby Room

We have three large and spacious rooms where children are cared for according to their age and stage of development, enabling them to reach their full potential.

The baby room is a wonderful sensorial experience, full of textures, light and creativity where our babies are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a vast range of quality materials and resources to stimulate and inspire their young developing minds.

"Babies are provided with a variety of sensory experiences that encourages their natural desire to investigate and explore". Ofsted Report 2013

Our whole team are passionate about child care, and believe in education through play. This is reflected in the environment and interaction between children and staff, creating a nurturing, exciting and safe learning experience.

Our baby unit is totally self contained and run by a staff team who are totally committed to providing outstanding care for the most vulnerable age group. 

Even when they are only a few months old, babies are beginning to learn about their environment and to develop the basic intellectual, physical and social skills that they will rely on in later life.

Once your baby is around 20 months of age and have found their feet we start the transition into Blue Room. All children are supported in their transition by their key Person .

Our team of practitioners are all chosen to ensure that your child receives the care, love and attention that every parent should expect and demand of a Day Nursery.

"They have access to a good range of age appropriate toys and resources and are encouraged to make independent choices about their play". Ofsted Report 2013

As they move through the nursery the emphasis changes to encompass an approach which shows a bigger emphasis on learning, ensuring they are ready for school.

We aim to have the foundations in place to allow your child to quickly develop the skills that they will learn at school such as reading and writing.

"Children are fully engaged in their play and keen to learn. They enjoy themselves and are relaxed and settled". Ofsted Report 2013

We have an open door policy, which means appointments are unnecessary but ask if you could please bring some ID and avoid our lunchtime period between (12-2pm).

Under 2's Garden

Story Time

"Children in all rooms enjoy a good balance of adult initiated and child led activities.For example, painting and drawing, and they love exploring straw, shredded paper and mud". Ofsted Report 2013

Children in the Blue Room are cared for under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff. A range of quality toys and activities are provided fo continuing development of your child.

Children may think they are just having fun, but the toys and activities provided help them to extend their vocabulary, build their confidence and improve their skills.

 The period in the Blue Room provides for a smooth transition to the toddler stage by adopting a more challenging and varied approach to the day.

Activities such as painting, sand and water play, music and outdoor play are just some of the activities children will participate in.

They will have every opportunity to thrive in an environment which encourages their creativity, independence, confidence, determination and joy of exploring! 

Little Rascals Nursery is recognised as a Pre-School centre by the Department for Education. In the Pre-School Room children will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. Your child will progress to the Pre-School Room at around 3 years old. 

We pride ourselves on ensuring that when children leave our nursery to move on to school they do so confidently and independently, whilst taking with them the enjoyment of learning and a pride in their achievements.

We would strive for your child to be able to have the following skills when leaving our nursery: recognising and writing their own name, demonstrating good observational skills, showing preliminary reading skills and able to confidently control a pencil.

All nursery staff plan activities through observations and assessment on the child’s development level, interests, and schemas. Each room includes an area for free play, messy play and a comfy cosy area to snuggle with a book.

Each child's dedicated Key Person will ensure that their every requirement is met and you can rest assured that you will meet a familiar face at the start and end of every day. Staff throughout the nursery value the time they have to chat with each family. 

Exploring Mini Beasts !

Outdoor Area

The staff within Pre-school have the experience of supporting children to develop the foundations needed to prepare for school. They deliver this in accordance with the Principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Learning through play.

By advocating this approach to learning we are enhancing the children’s preparation for the world of ‘big school’ At Little Rascals we provide a balanced provision of adult supported learning and play experiences within rich, stimulating indoor and outdoor environments. 

We ensure these environments include complexity and challenge, with the aim of encouraging children’s initiative and development of skills.

Each child has a “Learning Journey” in which we record their progress in each area of learning. These help us to identify individual development needs and to plan activities designed to address these. You are always very welcome to see your child’s records and to discuss them with the staff team at any time.

We hold formal parents’ evenings twice a year so that you have an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and achievements in more detail. 

Our aim is to help the children in our care to approach a major change in their lives starting school with the confidence, skills and enthusiasm for learning that will give them a valuable and enduring head start. 

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