Little Learners Day Nursery - South Croydon

46 Haling Park Road, South Croydon, London, CR2 6NE
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This branch was opened in July 2014 and replaces the original Little Learners. The detached building has its own parking at the front for parents to drop off and collect their child.

Little Learners Day Nurseries aim to provide high quality affordable childcare in a safe, fun and stimulating environment where the child’s needs and interests come first.

"Children are happy, settled and develop strong bonds with them".  Ofsted Report 2016

We take security of the children seriously and have full CCTV systems and Biometric Door Entry Systems in place.

"Managers have good recruitment processes in place to make sure that staff are suitable to care for children.

Staff supervise children well, helping to keep them safe". Ofsted Report 2016

The building is split over 2 floors;

On the ground floor we have two rooms for our Under 2’s. In these rooms the children have a wide variety of resources for them to explore and a large area for creative play. Each room has direct access into the separate baby garden which has a variety of play equipment.

For the Over 2’s the children have use of a well stocked creative room where they have access to paint, playdough, drawing, sand/water tray and computers. The children have access to the nursery garden from this room.

Upstairs there are 3 areas for the children to explore. We have a maths/science area where children can experiment and investigate a wide variety of resources. Children also get to care for our nursery pets which are stick insects, fish and giant land snails.

There is a story area where children can select books to look and enjoy stories being read to them.

The other room is for role play and small world activities. Children have access to a large role play area which is changed to accommodate the children’s interests along with a large dolls house and other small world activities. This room also has our writing area where children can experiment with mark making.
Key Person
We operate a key person system in the nursery. Your child will be allocated a member of staff who will be responsible for them on a daily basis, this will involve carrying out activities with them, making observations on your child and generally looking after your child's well being. Key persons will be reviewed on a regular basis and changed if necessary.

Working with Parents/Carers
We work as closely as possible with parents/carers to make sure that we achieve the best possible care and education for your child. We use an online observation and development tracking systems which parents can access and make comments whenever they wish. We also run several activities a year which include sports day, parents/carers fun evenings and a nursery barbecue etc.

We regularly review our practice and send out questionnaires quarterly to ensure that we are providing a good service. We welcome parents comments all year round about the service we provide and will look carefully at any suggestions on how we can improve our service. We have a comments and suggestions box in the entrance hall where parents are free to post comments and suggestions.

The early years in a child's life are of vital importance. It is during these years that the foundations for their schooling years and later life are laid. Our aim is to ensure that every child develops his or her full potential in preparation for formal education.

"Staff provide a good range of activities that helps to support children's physical development and well-being". Ofsted Report 2016

Learning comes naturally to children when the play activities presented are enjoyable and stimulating. Similarly, all exercises related to pre-reading, writing and number work are experienced in a concrete manner where the child learns the use of letters and numbers in his or her daily life. Making a line and counting the children before laying the table are examples.

It is important that a child's early experiences of care and learning are of a high standard and suited to his or her individual needs. We achieve this by working very closely with our parents through daily exchanges of information.


We have an extensive garden for the children to use which includes a large climbing frame, trampoline, playhouse, planting area, sensory garden, large sand pit with pirate ship, story area and picnic area. We also have a large variety of smaller equipment such as balls, hoops, bikes etc.

The garden is also home to our nursery rabbits and chickens. We operate a free flow system so children have regular access to the garden throughout the day.  We use the garden all year around in all weathers, we provide the children with rain suits and winter and summer hats.

"Staff provide a good range of activities that helps to support children's physical development and well-being. For example, children learn how to empty and fill bottles with dried pasta and how to build sandcastles".  Ofsted Report 2016

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