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50 Gresham Road, Brixton, London, SW9 7NL
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Welcome to Little Angels Nursery School in Brixton.  You are very welcome to visit the nursery to see what our nursery has to offer. Our building is purpose built which means it is most suitable for our functions. It is also very spacious to facilitate both indoor and outdoor activities. We are registered with OFSTED and local authority Early Years and Sure Start, to care for children from 3 months to 5 years.

We teach our children through play. We believe play is child's work, Pre-school children learn best through first hand experience. Our carefully selected and extensive resources enable your child to experiment and explore and to grow in understanding. Our excellent staff are EYP's, qualified teachers, nursery nurses or Montessori trained or a few just have many years of childcare experience.

We have three spacious classrooms in the nursery where the children are divided into their appropriate group according to age and ability. There are other rooms shared by the groups for other activities such as the  library and homecorner. Each group is under the supervision of a qualified and experienced teacher or Nursery Nurse who is also supported by Nursery Assistants at an appropriate staff ratio based on children's age.

"This is a strong provision where all children make good progress. Overall, staff provide a stimulating learning environment where children are motivated and eager to learn".  Ofsted Report 2017

Welcome To Little Angels Nursery School

Baby Room

"Older children are confident and independent. They behave well and play cooperatively with each other. Babies feel secure. Their key person provides cuddles and reassurance".  Ofsted Report 2017

The baby unit is separate from the other groups to ensure that we provide the special care they need. Carefully selected, qualified nursery nurses and nursery assistants with many years of experience staff our baby units. An experienced Team Leader or the Manager is always at hand to closely supervise the room.

Your child's key worker will liaise with you during the 'settling in' period to understand your child's routines and ensure that life at the nursery closely follows life at home. This understanding and familiarity leads to responsive care, which in turn will result in greater emotional stability and better intellectual and language development. You will receive a daily report that outlines the activities of the day and you are welcome to telephone or visit the nursery at any time.

Babies need comfort and love, but they need an interesting surrounding too. The environment in the nursery as a whole is designed to stimulate all children.

Baby's brains develop as they interpret the information they receive through their sense of touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste and through movement. We provide a rich multi-sensory experience to stimulate and excite your child and a calm, ordered and caring presence to offer comfort and support.
In the Toddlers Room, we gently guide your child in learning right from wrong, through positive reinforcement. As interest and concentration increases, stories form part of our daily routine and your child will enjoy nursery rhymes and songs joining in moving and clapping to music.

There are opportunities to experiment with sand and water, sticking, painting, malleable materials, treasure basket, modelling and small world play situation.
As your childs imagination develops, your child will pretend and role-play, acting out his/her understanding of the world.

We follow your child's interest and use 'Birth to Three Matters' framework as a guide to planning stimulating activities to help your child to develop as a strong communicator, a competent learner, a healthy child and a strong child.

When our toddlers move into the toddlers room they are happy, confident individuals, very pleased with their achievement, keen to learn and equipped to make the most of the next stage in their development.

Fun with the Playdough

Cooking Activity

In the Preschool Room, our daily activities will provide a sound base for the future schooling, thus the children would have acquired necessary skills such as confidence, independence, communication and inter-personal skills before moving on to school.

Overall, our work with the children will be tailored to achieve seven areas of learning goals, as set out in 'The Early Years Foundation Stage' document produced by Department for Education and Skills.

These are
Personal, Social, and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Character building is most essential for the children at this early stage. This forms the foundation of what they will be in adult life. We hope to enable them to develop self-respect, self love, self esteem and respect for others and the environment. To develop a sense of duty, responsibility, courtesy, good manners and tolerance.

Little Angels operates on traditional lines with a Christian philosophy and ethos. However the children will be encouraged to learn about each other's cultural background through stories and activities, and celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Black History month and Carnivals from around the world.

Every staff that joined the nursery is carefully screened for suitability. The nursery Manager and Deputy share overall supervision of all groups. Frequent change of staff between rooms is minimised in order to maintain the continuity so essential to the well being of the children.

For most of the time the children stay in their own group rooms, but they do share in large group activities e.g. garden play, instruments, role-play, visits to the park, etc. The daily activities of the children are designed to encourage maximum growth and development in all physical, intellectual, social and emotional spheres.

In addition, lessons are given in practical areas and social skills e.g. in social gathering, tying shoelaces, fastening and opening buttons and buckles, grace and courtesy exercises, meal time skills and road drill.

We arrange outings whenever possible, but do require signed consent form from parent's and endeavour to give as much notice as possible about intended visits. We encourage visitors to visit the school from various departments such as Fire services, the Police, Dental Nurse , Road Safety Officer, Ambulance, Multi-cultural visitors, Pets Officer etc

Outdoor Area

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