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The Scout Hut, Kenthurst Close, Eastern Green, Coventry, CV5 7EA
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Welcome to Kenthurst Pre School in Eastern Green, Coventry. We cater for children from 2 years to 5 years, during term time. Our aim is to provide high quality early years childcare and education within a safe, friendly and caring environment to allow the children to flourish.

The setting is extremely well presented with children’s work, bright colourful decoration and fabulous toys and furniture.

Security is of paramount importance to us which is why we have a secure gated entrance which requires parents and visitors to ring the nursery to gain access. All staff children and visitors are required to sign in and out of the nursery at all times. A password system is in place for friends or relatives who need to collect children in an emergency.

We operate a key person system, where your child will have their own key person who is responsible for your child's developmental stages.

All staff attend regular courses as such, we are able to reinforce and keep up to date with any changes that may have been introduced. We have a nursery uniform for the children to wear which is available at reasonable prices. We have been awarded Outstanding by Ofsted for the overall effectiveness of our early years provision for the past 10 years.

Welcome To Kenthurst Pre School

Story Time

We have a large open plan space in which we have organised curriculum areas for the children to access all areas and equipment independently. We have free flow access to the resources and the outdoor area which encourages, good social integration and the opportunity to promote independence and development.

"Children separate easily from their carers and are keen to explore the good variety of activities on offer".  Ofsted Report 2015

The team works together to plan activities that are educational and stimulating for the children. Many activities are planned around the children’s own interests. Focused activities can take place in small groups or on a 1 to 1 basis where necessary.

Structured timetables and planned activities organises the day to day running of the unit, and enables us to monitor their progress, and areas to improve.

Each child has their very own learning journal, which is what we use to record and monitor their development. The staff are able to identify any areas that need improvement and anything of concern.

"Staff working directly with the children have a lot of experience in teaching children in the early years.

Staff work cohesively to deliver challenging and enjoyable experiences that help children to make good progress".  Ofsted Report 2015

We know the importance of neutering children's developments and offers extra curriculum activities on a regular basis.

Once a week we have a visit from a qualified dance and music teacher Jennifer from Creative Flair, who provides the children with a dance and music session packed full of fun.

We invite parents into the setting on regular occasions throughout the year for a variety of fun parent workshops, where parents get to spend some fun time at nursery with their child (these are always very popular events!).

We also hold Easter bonnet parades and a fabulous pre school graduation ceremony.   At the end of the year for Christmas we like to put a performance on where the children excel in their confidence and personalities.

We organise outings to local attractions at least twice a year, which help us to reinforce current planning activities the children are covering.

We have a cookery and gardening club for both children and parents to participate in.  It allows the children to experience a variety of skills as well as an understanding of where our food comes from.

Language & Literacy

Outdoor Area

"Good partnerships with parents have been established. Staff communicate with all parents on a daily basis and invite them to attend meetings to discuss their children's development". Ofsted Report 2015

 We have a secure outdoor play area that we have designed for all age groups to enjoy.

" Children have opportunities to access the outdoor play area every day. Physical activities include riding on bikes and playing tennis".  Ofsted Report 2015
There are shaded areas to enjoy the lovely weather along with sand and water pits, climbing frames, cars and bikes, a play house and seating areas to explore.

We try to spend as much time as we can outdoors, especially when the sun comes out. Any excuse for a picnic!

"Children in their pre-school year are beginning to acquire good skills to support them as they prepare to move on to school.

They have many opportunities to gains skills in becoming independent and confident learners".  Ofsted Report 2015

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