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6 Balaclava Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham,, West Midlands, B14 7SG
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Welcome to Jumping Jacks Nursery in Kings Heath, Birmingham.  We are a family run business that opened in 2007.  The nursery is located in Balaclava Road, Kings Heath, just off the Kings Heath High Street.  We are the sister site to Kings Heath Grange Day Nursery located just around the corner on Grange Road.

The building is well designed to meet the needs of the children.  It is spacious and has been extensively modernised and refurbished to the highest standard in order to provide an ideal environment where children can play and be educated, with peace of mind for parent that their children are safe.

"Our mission at the Grange is to provide a home from home environment for our children, ensuring that each and every child is treated as an individual, we aim to provide a warm, safe, loving and secure environment in which our children can achieve all the skills that will carry them through the important learning years of their lives". 

Nursery Proprietor - Mrs Jackie Phull, BA Hons, Childhood Education.

"Children make good progress in their learning and development because staff provide a wide range of stimulating activities that they enjoy". Ofsted Report 2014

Our experienced, qualified staff ensure that the highest standards of care and safety are vigorously maintained whilst adapting to the individual routines of each baby as required by the parents.

Our staff ensure that each baby is given the care and attention it needs that will encourage the early development stages, such as learning to sit, crawl, stand and talk.

Enjoying early games such as peek-a-boo, clapping and finding hidden objects will always be part of your child's daily play. There will also be plenty of opportunities for one to one interaction with staff and other children.

"Babies have many opportunities to develop their skills in understanding what is said because staff constantly communicate by speaking and by using sign language.

These younger children learn to maintain eye contact and follow the mouth movements made by adults. In response they babble and form very strong relationships with the staff.". Ofsted Report 2014

Our nursery is a fun and brightly decorated place where the children use stimulating equipment to enhance their skills. Each room provides a range of play areas and activities that are aimed at promoting children's development.

"The environment is highly stimulating with a wide range of exciting resources." Ofsted Report 2014
Children will have access to the messy play area, role play area, sand, water and construction.  We provide exciting opportunities for children to explore, which helps to create the right balance needed for children to progress within their development.

The children's work is displayed around the nursery, giving the children recognition of their creation, of which they are very proud of.

"Staff work exceptionally well with parents to promote children's learning. Many examples of parents' contributions to their children's learning are displayed in the nursery"  Ofsted Report 2014 

We communicate with parents with daily records informing you of how your child has been at nursery. Parent’s evenings are held to discuss your child's development and any concerns you may have.

Children have free flow access to the resources and the outdoor area which encourages, good social integration and offers opportunities and facilities to promote independence and development.

Learning becomes more structured as we prepare your child for school, and we take special care to ensure that we plan activities, events and topics that fully support your child whist they explore the whole curriculum.

Our key person system will ensure that each individual child's needs and interests are identified and used to develop the appropriate level of education for the stage they are at.

All activities will be fun, exciting and interesting to the children as we know they learn more when they enjoy the activity they are participating in.

Positive encouragement and praise will be employed to build up your child’s confidence and skills as they get ready for moving onto further education.

"Children's independence is exceedingly well promoted through learning and routine activities. They form exceptional bonds with key persons, resulting in a significant sense of belonging in the nursery". Ofsted Report 2014

We will focus on a variety of your child’s developmental milestones, which links within the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage

  •  Physical Development ·  
  •  Expressive Art & Design ·   
  •  Personal Social and emotional Development ·     
  • Mathematics ·     
  • Understanding of the world ·   
  •  Literacy ·       
  • Communication and language.

"Children learn about the world around them because staff are highly imaginative and they make striking displays to celebrate other cultures.". Ofsted Report 2014

We have a wonderfully designed outdoor area for the children to enjoy. Accessed by every age group in all weathers, it provides a natural setting to support learning through play.

We organise outings to the local park and local attractions, which help us to reinforce current planning activities the children are covering.

" Children have opportunities to play outside daily, weather permitting. Children's happiness and emotional well-being are substantially promoted in the very inviting and highly supportive environment. " Ofsted Report 2014

We would love to invite you to come and look around our setting to see for yourself why we are the right choice for your childcare needs. To arrange an appointment just call us today!

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