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91 Lea Village, Kitts Green, Birmingham, West Midlands, B33 9SG
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Welcome to First Needs Kindergarten. Established since 2003 we operate from a former converted doctors surgery in Kitts Green. The nursery accommodates up to 28 children from birth to five years including special needs.

We operate a key person system, where your child will have their own key person who is responsible for your child's developmental stages.

"Staff encourage parents to share what they know about children's development when they first start. Parents and staff use similar methods to help children learn at nursery and to continue with learning at home. " Ofsted Report 2016

 All staff are either qualified or working towards their qualifications in childcare and through regular courses, we are able to reinforce and keep up to date with any changes that may have been introduced.

"Through our commitment and dedication, we strive to offer a safe, loving environment for all children who attend First Needs Kindergarten.

Working together with our staff, we influence a professional and caring atmosphere for children to feel welcome and confident.

Our focus is to provide our children with good fun and education through each stage of their development"
Deana Hamilton - Nursery Proprietor  and  Nicole Lewis - Deputy Manager

The Nursery is well presented with bright colourful decoration and fabulous toys and furniture. Within the nursery we have dedicated 3 main base rooms which are especially equipped with toys and furniture that assist in the children's development.

Welcome To Our Nursery

Babies Art & Craft Activity

"Children are self-assured and confident. They have a real sense of belonging in the inviting, homely nursery. Children play well together, they take turns at trying out toys cars and build structures with bricks. " Ofsted Report 2016

There is the Tweenie Room that is dedicated to the 0 -2's. We have invested in fantastic furniture and equipment to stimulate this age group and encourage mobility ready for when they move on up to our Toddler Room.

We have a separate changing area to get cleaned up and a sleep/quiet area for when they need to recharge their batteries. We implement a routine to all children as a guide to ensure they are happy and content throughout the day.

The Toddlers Room caters for the 2 - 3's. This room is a fun and brightly decorated place where the children use stimulating equipment to enhance their skills. Our home corner has a kitchen and seating area allowing the children to role play different scenes and our book corner is great for the children to sit and read through picture books of different cultures and disabilities.

The children's work is displayed around the room giving the children recognition of their creation, of which they are very proud of.

Each child has their very own learning journal, which is what we use to record and monitor their development. The staff are able to identify any areas that need improvement and anything of concern.

Pre-School ensures that children aged 3 - 5 years are prepared for main stream school. We have a writing and computer area for the children to focus and thrive on new skills as well as art and craft area and home corner.

The children have a dressing up rail where they can choose from many different costumes to put on. All the children have access to our free standing water cooler so drinks are readily available throughout the day. Structured timetables and planned activities organises the day to day running of the unit, and enables us to monitor their progress, and areas to improve.

We know the importance of nurturing children's developments and offer extra curriculum activities on a regular basis. Reward schemes such as stickers and stars are awarded to acknowledge and congratulate good behaviour, achieving new skills and being helpful.

We have regular visits from the early years teaching support service, who work closely with the pre school children and staff, as well as an early years officer who supports the staff with the EYFS.

Story Time In Pre School

Our Garden

We have a secure outdoor play area that we have designed for all age groups to enjoy. There is shaded areas for the younger age groups to enjoy the lovely weather along with sand and water pits, climbing frames, cars and bikes, a wendy house and seating areas to explore.

We try to spend as much time as we can outdoors, especially when the sun comes out. Any excuse for a picnic!

We communicate with parents with daily records informing you of how your child has been at nursery. Parents evenings are held to discuss your child's development and any concerns you may have.

I am very keen to implement information and training evenings that are available to our parents to reinforce topics such as:
 *Toilet Training

*Promoting Positive Behaviour

*Eating Healthily

*Prevention of Illnesses

*First Aid and so on...........

"Children are confident and well behaved. They have many opportunities for outside play in the well-resourced garden. Children develop a good understanding of healthy lifestyles and enjoy balanced meals. ". Ofsted Report 2016

We organise outings to local attractions, which help us to reinforce current planning activities the children are covering.

Each week we visit the local green grocers with the toddlers and pre school children, to encourage the children to experience different fruit.

We find this to be a lovely way for the children to understand what they are eating as part of a healthy diet.

At the end of the year for Christmas we like to put a performance on where the children excel in their confidence and personalities.

We have regular visits from a local music teacher every 2 weeks. She encourages the children to participate in a variety of sing songs, which they absolutely love!

Sand Play

Healthy Setting Award Level 1

We hold the Level 1, Healthy Setting Award, that supports Early Years settings in gaining recognition for their current good practice and to improve their provision for Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

"Managers have a good understanding of the requirements of the early years foundation stage. They ensure all staff have regular supervision to fulfil their roles competently.

Managers have attended seminars and shared new ways of promoting children's good behaviour. This has contributed to a calmer atmosphere in the nursery"
Ofsted Report 2016.

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