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269 Norbury Avenue, Norbury, London, SW16 3RN
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Daffodils on Norbury Avenue went through major redevelopment works in 2013 and the finished product provides a fantastic facility where children can enjoy their time and have an enhanced learning experience.
"Children are interested and engaged in purposeful play, with plenty of opportunities to be independent, active learners. This means that they make good progress and achieve within their expected levels of development. "  Ofsted Report 2013

The nursery has a large outdoor facility which includes both natural grass as well as an artificial grass area which gives children the opportunity to experience the outdoors whatever the weather.  

The nursery is commuter friendly with Norbury station and bus links, both serving London and Croydon within a 5 minute walk away.

Welcome to Norbury Avenue

Children are all unique individuals who should be encouraged to develop to their full potential. We aim to provide a safe, clean and healthy learning environment.  

The resources that we provide will offer an opportunity for children to have a challenging playing environment at different development levels.  

"Babies have lots of space to explore and there is always a wide variety of play opportunities on offer as part of the continuous provision. Resources include home-made items and natural or household objects".
Ofsted Report 2013

Your child with the aid of the staff team will be able to experience and explore all the activities and develop. In turn your child will be able to learn and love to learn.  

"Staff have good teaching skills. They frequently engage children in conversation and use a wide vocabulary to help children extend their communication and language skills.

For example, children following a theme of autumn collect leaves from the garden. Staff ask them to find big leaves and small leaves, talk about the colours and talk about having more or less than their friends.

This learning is then consolidated when they bring the leaves indoors for a painting activity". Ofsted Report 2013

With the positive approach we hope to develop self esteem, respect for each other, independence and equality in this multi cultural society.  

We believe in forming close bonds with parents who are the main carers. This will help children trust and build relationships with the staff team.  

We hope your child will leave daffodils as a strong, independent, and responsible individual.

There will be times of the day that these children will be able to mix with the older children.  Age appropriate activities will be available throughout the day. 

Under two’s will be provided with snacks, tea and lunch.  Food can be pureed if needed too.  If your child eats baby food, this would have to be provided by the parent.  Formula milk, bottles, nappies and wipes would have to be provided by the parent too.

Staff will record individual child’s information i.e. food, nappy change, sleep etc on their information sheets.  This will be given to parents / carers at the time of collection.

"Parents appreciate receiving detailed verbal handovers and the regular written information about their child's development.

Staff invite parents to read stories and share their experiences, such as talking to the children about Diwali.

Parents value staff skills in supporting their children to settle and know that children enjoy the activities on offer.
  Ofsted Report 2013

We offer many different creative and practical activities including cookery, model making, clay material, sticking and cutting. We also have different themes throughout the year and also incorporate festivals i.e. Christmas, Easter, Eid, Diwali, Chinese New Year and many more.

Other Activities in more frequent use are dough, corn flour, sand, water, drawing, painting, chalks, blackboard, puzzles, games, construction toys, floor mats, cars, train, bricks, climbing equipment, role play, dolls, a computer area, a digital camera, tapes, musical equipment, story tapes, book corner, large soft and play equipment.

Daffodils also benefits from large outdoor playing areas.  Within the play area there is soft ground with climbing frames.  There are many other outdoor toys available for the children to use.  Weather permitting the outdoor area is used throughout the year.

All activities are planned and set up to help children learn and develop and we believe in the motto LEARN THROUGH PLAY”

Parents are advised to bring their child when they come to view the nursery.  You may wish to stay a short while on your child’s first day. 

It is our experience that children rarely cry for more than a few minutes and soon settle down happily.  You are welcome to telephone the nursery through the day to enquire about your child.  In our setting we care for your child as though they are our own.

Once your child starts the nursery and has settled, a key worker will be allocated to your child.  The key worker will do their best to make sure the needs of your child are met within the nursery.

Every child will have a foundation stage assessment folder, which will be organised by the key worker.  Parents can view their Child’s folder whenever they wish.  

Parents Testimonial -"Our child was only a year old when she started Daffodils and she has loved everyday being with you all. We appreciate all that you have done especially in preparation for primary school and we have seen how far she has come"

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