Daffodils Day Nursery- Drakewood Road

9 Drakewood Road, Streatham Vale , Lambeth, London, SW16 5DT
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Welcome to our Drakewood Road branch in Streatham Common. Streatham Common train station and bus links are both within a 5 minute walk of the nursery. Drakewood is our newest addition to the Daffodils Family and has expanded Daffodil’s presence in the Streatham area.  

Established in 2012, the facility was purpose built and is a testimony of our experience in providing an excellent childcare provision. There is a good size all weather outdoor facility with a sheltered area which allows children to use the facility throughout the year.    

Daffodils are a private family business established in 1995 by Shabnam Raza who has over 30 years of childcare experience. Her vision remains the same to encourage children to develop to their full potential through providing a safe, clean and stimulating learning environment.  

Our nurseries are insured and all insurance documents, training certificates and policies are either displayed or available to read.  

Please come and visit us to experience Daffodils in action.

We at Daffodils understand the importance of high quality childcare and how creating a positive environment is crucial to children’s growth and well being.

Every child is treated as an individual in order to ensure they are able to develop in their own unique way, we are able to do this with our dedicated staff teams who have the relevant qualifications and understand the Early years learning process in order to give children the best possible foundation.  

Caring for children is a great responsibility which we take seriously and as such we are always open to parents valuable input, we believe a close bond between Daffodils and parents who are the main carers enables the child to progress and reach their full potential.

"‘Staff provide a calm, nurturing and caring environment, which helps ensure that children are happy and feel settled.

Babies are relaxed and content and enjoy the attention that staff give them. They bond well with their key person and are very familiar with other members of staff who work in the nursery" Ofsted Report 2013

We at Daffodils recognise that the people who children interact with on a regular basis play a crucial role in their development.

Our nurseries are fortunate to have motivated staff teams with low turnover who are caring, friendly and approachable which enables children and parents to build strong relationships, key to your child’s progress. 

"Through effective observation and assessment, staff recognise when children need additional help.

They enable all children to try things for themselves, make mistakes and learn by exploring and experimenting. All children make good progress because of the staff's good quality teaching" Ofsted Report 2013

Our exceptional staff teams include members from diverse backgrounds and having a diverse team enhances children’s learning experience as well as reflecting their local communities.  

Each nursery has an experienced Manager who is well versed in the Early Years curriculum and guidelines and is on hand to listen to parents concerns. They are responsible for their staff team which includes Deputy Manager’s, Nursery practitioners and Apprentices.  

Every child is allocated a member of staff as a key worker, which means that each child will have a member of staff who is responsible for making detailed observations and writing reports. We encourage parents to discuss their child’s progress with the responsible key worker.

"Staff share information with parents about the progress checks for children who are aged between two and three years. Children with additional needs receive very good support and therefore make good progress relative to their starting points" 
Ofsted Report 2013

At Daffodils we offer many different creative and practical activities for children to learn through play. These activities include cookery, model making, clay material, sticking and cutting.

The nurseries all have a focus on themes and change these on a regular basis. These themes vary throughout the year and incorporate seasons, festivals as well as events such as the Olympics.

 We feel this aids in children’s ability to make conversation and increase their confidence as well as being able to relate to things they see every day whether that be when celebrating a festival or watching an event on the television. 

All children are given an opportunity to take part in every activity. Where children to not like a certain activity, gentle persuasion is used.

Parents Testimonials - "You have all been so very kind and caring to our child even though sometimes he has been very challenging, he has come on a long way and I thank each one of you for the love and support you have shown to both of us, Thank you"

If at any stage a parent is concerned about their child’s participation we will talk to you and together establish how to increase the child’s participation.

 All of the nursery activities, toys, games and equipment are designed to help your child learn, understand and develop in all areas of the curriculum through play.

"Staff work professionally and closely alongside parents, carers and relevant professionals to make sure that all children will be able to successfully make the move to other early years settings for their future learning"
Ofsted Report 2013

Each nursery has an outside playing area that encourages children to express themselves and develop a variety of skills with a number of resources. Children are given equal opportunity to access the outdoor play area and can experience the outside in all weathers!

Children’s birthdays are celebrated at Daffodils. Parents will be requested to provide a cake, drinks and some snacks for the joyous occasion and are able to join us in celebrating their children’s birthday.

French Classes
Daffodils have French classes once a week where basic French is taught through songs and activities. There is an extra charge for this class.

Buggy Store
Each of the nurseries have a designated area to store children’s buggies. It is requested that all buggies are folded for easy access. Buggies are left at parents own risk and Daffodils do not take liability for any damage or loss that may occur.

There is parking space provided at all nurseries for the dropping and collection of children only.

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