Buzy Bee Day Nursery

145/147 Sutton Avenue, Eastern Green, Coventry, West Midlands, CV5 7ER
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Welcome to Buzy Bees Nursery in Coventry. We cater for 33 children from 3 months to 8 years of age all year round. We provide a friendly atmosphere, which creates a home from home experience for the children.

The owner Maureen Frindi is a qualified Nurse who is specialises in learning difficulties. She has worked with both adults and children and has a wealth of knowledge within this specialist area. Maureen has also worked as a probation officer and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in child protection which supports the nursery in safeguarding each and every child.

Maureen plays a key role within the nursery and staff training.  She attends the nursery 3 days a week and the days she is not in always offering telephone support. Maureen ensures all staff are given the opportunities to familiarise themselves with any new courses and legislations.

The Joint managers of the nursery are Lisa Featherstone and Laura Baylis.  Lisa holds a Foundation Degree in Childcare and is a long serving memer of the team having worked at the nursery for 14 years.

Laura is also a committed member of the team having worked at Buzy Bee’s for over 7 years.
  Regular reviews of our service are made, always with a view towards quality and development.

As security is of paramount of importance to us, we have fitted CCTV both within and outside of the building so we can monitor and safeguard each child.  All parents sign their child in on arrival and out on collection, and a password system is in place for any unknown relatives or family friends who collect a child from the nursery.

'Children are safeguarded because staff are aware of their responsibilities to protect them from abuse and neglect'  Ofsted Report January 2015

Welcome To Our Nursery

Baby Room

Welcome to the Baby Room. We cater for children from 3 months up to 2 years within this department, and have carefully designed safe and suitable areas for the very young children up to when they become mobile.

All our Staff are qualified in Early Years Care & Education. Within the nursery we currently have 13 staff members, 11 of them are trained at level 3 or higher, way above Ofsted recommendations.

"Children are safeguarded because staff are aware of their responsibilities to protect them from abuse and neglect. Staff successfully minimise risks in playrooms and outside". Ofsted Report 2015

We strongly encourage that every child has a settling in period which is tailored to meet their individual needs.

"Children's social and emotional needs are well met by staff. Relationships are very good and children are happy, sociable and confident learners". Ofsted Report 2015

As every child is unique we find that some children may need next to no time to settle into nursery life where as others may require a lengthy period of time. We recognise this and ensure that your child is given the time and attention needed.

When the children become more mobile they have their very own creative play and physical play area to explore. They also have their very own quiet corner to look at books and plenty of resources and equipment to stimulate their curiosity.

Our relationship with our parents is very important to us which is why we invite parents into the setting on regular occasions throughout the year for a variety of fun workshops. Parents get to spend some fun time at nursery with their child (these are always very popular events!)

 We have regular parents meetings to discuss the progress of each child and any concerns you may have. Throughout your child’s time at nursery we create a learning journal to record their personal development, as well as a EYFS profile.

'Staff observe and assess childrens level of achievement, consult with parents and plan effectively for individual learning - Ofsted Report 2015

Baby Room

2-5's Playroom

Welcome to the 2-5’s department. We operate a free flow system on the first floor that consists of different curriculum areas that allows the children to access all areas & equipment independently.

This encourages, good social integration and offers opportunities and facilities to promote independence and development.

"Children play in a safe and welcoming environment. Their emotional security is given high priority". Ofsted Report 2015

We know the importance of nurturing children's developments and will plan for outside agencies and outings to assist with their knowledge and understanding, relating to their current planning activities.

"Staff's relationships with children and their parents are strong and they address different care needs well". Ofsted Report 2015

"Parents spoken to on the day of the inspection, are extremely happy about the service provided. They say that they are especially happy with the information provided for them by staff". Ofsted Report 2015

I strongly believe that the children excel with inspiring and educational experiences, which is why we have a qualified dance teacher who visits us once a week.

She provides a session of dance and music for the children to enjoy, and holds a performance twice a year for the parents to see what the children have learned.

We have also organised for the “Animal Man” to visit the nursery each month with a selection of animals for the children to see and learn about.

“Maureen Frindi – Nursery Proprietor”

A holiday club is available for children up to the age of 8 years. For more information please see either Laura or Lisa.

Light Board Activity in 2-5's

Garden Area

Our outdoor area has been carefully designed to provide the children with stimulating and exciting opportunities.

We have divided suitable areas for the age groups to enjoy, such as an area for the babies up to 2 years. It has soft flooring and suitable apparatus to promote their physical skills.

The 2 – 5 years have their own private area with a variety of resources such as a climbing wall, trampoline, sand pit, cars, bikes and scooters, wendy house and a planting area to learn about the world around them and at the same time promote a variety of physical skills.

We celebrate festivals throughout the year for the children to experience different cultures.

 At Christmas we have a Christmas dinner party, where Santa visits the children with a gift as a well as a visit from the children’s entertainer. We hold relative days such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Grandparents Day to encourage family member’s involvement into nursery.

Charity events are also arranged for staff and children to support a local charity.

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