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28 Rough Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham, West Midlands, B44 0UY
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Welcome to Building Blocks Nursery - Rough Road Branch, in Kingstanding, Birmingham. We cater for 40 children from 3 months to 5 years of age.

We have a wide range of qualified staff which includes 4 graduate leaders. The staff’s wealth of experience and expertise are utilised throughout the nursery effectively, to provide a happy and safe environment for your child to play and learn.

"Children are safe at the nursery, as the management team ensures staff fully understand and implement rigorous policies and procedures". Ofsted Report 2014

It is the experiences and learning patterns, which makes our nursery a unique, fun, and educational place to send your child.

The nursery has its own CCTV system set up within the main play areas to support the safety of each child whilst at nursery. We have been awarded our Healthy Setting Award as well as a full 5 H’s from environmental health.

We adopt a “home from home” like experience, which is what we find helps each child settle into nursery quickly.

As every child is unique we find that some children may need next to no time to settle into nursery life where as others may require a lengthy period of time. We recognise this and ensure that your child is given the time and attention needed.

“Nursery Proprietor – Tina Hart”

Welcome To Our Nursery

Baby Room

Welcome to the baby room. We cater for children from 3 months to 2 years that features a play area, creative play area and physical play area to explore.

We have a dining area for the children to use for snacks, breakfast, lunch and tea. A sleep area has been equipped with cots and sleeping baskets for when they need to rest their sleepy heads!

We have our own milk kitchen to prepare the babies bottles and a sensory room for the children to experience.

“Babies are confident on the small slides and sit and ride toys outside and staff encourage them to explore all the toys in their room, so that they learn to stretch and stand with confidence.

Staff know children very well, which means they plan the next steps in their learning and build on these throughout their daily routines and activities.

Children are emotionally secure, as staff are very caring and are aware of each child's needs.” Ofsted Report 2014

Welcome to the Tweenies Room. We cater for the children from 2 to 3 years of age. We have a large open plan room with plenty of equipment to promote the independence of each child. This includes their own art and craft area, home corner, library area and sand and water play.

We provide exciting opportunities for children to explore, which helps to create the right balance needed for children to progress within their development. We know the importance of nurturing children's developments and will plan for outside agencies and outings to assist with their knowledge and understanding, relating to their current planning activities.

We invite parents into the setting on regular occasions throughout the year such as fun days, where parents get to spend some fun time at nursery with their child (these are always very popular events!

“Children form very good friendships and enjoy working and playing together. Staff comfort children if they are upset and use their comfort items or photographs of their families to distract them.” Ofsted Report 2014

Painting Activity in the 2-3's Room

Dinosaur Activity

Welcome to the Pre school Room which caters for the children from 3 years to 5. Within this room children are encouraged to access all areas and equipment independently. 

This encourages, good social interaction and offers opportunities and facilities to promote independence and development.

The staff are always available to have a chat with parents and are able to discuss in confidence their child’s needs.

“Pre-school children are very well-prepared for school, as they access the very well-organised resources in their room independently.” Ofsted Report 2014

Each week we have Dance Depo visit us to provide the children with an interactive dance session, run by a qualified dance teacher. The children love it! Regular visits from the Animal Man, Librarian and Fire Service are organised to assist with the current topics we cover in the curriculum.

We also hold Easter bonnet parades, Christmas Nativity and a fabulous Pre school graduation ceremony (all bring a tissue events).

We have recently transformed our outdoor play area which now provides a wonderful, natural and engaging outdoor space for all age groups to enjoy.  The younger children have a separate area to play in that has been carefully designed to cater for their needs. 

We have set up an outdoor mud kitchen to provide something quite different to a soil digging patch.  Our mud kitchen includes elements of the home corner and cooking from indoor play, which are then hugely enriched through the special nature of being outside. 

We have plenty of resources for the children to enjoy such as water trays, climbing frames, cars and bikes, wendy house and sheltered dens to explore.

Outside play is not just an area to let off some steam and promote physical exercise. It is a large area where children can use their imagination on a grander scale involving children of all ages.

 "All children develop their physical skills very well through their use of the wide range of climbing and balancing equipment at nursery". Ofsted Report 2014

Garden Area

Reading Corner

At Building Blocks, we confidently support children and their families with special educational needs. We also work with a wide range of other professionals including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and complex care nurses.

"Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities are very well supported and included in the activities.

Staff work closely with parents and many other professionals, such as, a nurse educator, a physiotherapist and health care assistants so that children make good progress". Ofsted Report 2014

For those parents who like to get involved, we have Nominated Parent Reps for each age group. You are responsible for meeting with other parents and senior/managment to share parents opinions and suggestions towards the education and care of the children.

We believe it is important to be working in partnership with all our parents and feel that having the Parent Rep allows parents views and concerns to be heard and addressed.

We have our own Nursery Library for parents and children to take advantage of. You can choose books to take home, which is a lovely way for the children to spend time reading with Mum, Dad or a family member!

Nursery Gallery