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United Reform Church Hall, 111-113 Burnt Ash Road, Lee, Lewisham, London , SE12 8RA
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Welcome to Bright Origin Preschool in Lee.  We are a 22 place preschool and cater from 2 to 5 years old.  Our nursery is set up to meet the individual need of every child considering their age, abilities and cultural background.

We demonstrate an inclusive practice, celebrating the uniqueness of every child, recognising every child’s culture and supporting their learning and values.

All play/activities provided for children’s learning and development are in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which sets the standards for learning and development for children from birth to age five.

We welcome all parents, carers and guardians to come and see our bright and colourful play equipment and resources, originated to bring out the excellence in every child.

At Bright Origin Preschool, we believe that ‘every child is brilliant’ once he/she is encouraged and supported to access the right environment and resources.

We would love to invite you to come and look around our setting to see for yourself why we are the right choice for your childcare needs. To arrange an appointment just call us today!

We have an open plan space which has been organised into curriculum areas for the children to explore with toys and furniture that assist in the children's development.

Children are able to access all areas and equipment independently, having free flow access to the resources within the main classroom and outdoor area. We find this approach encourages good social integration and offers opportunities and facilities to promote independence and development.

Our aim is for children to feel safe, stimulated and happy in the nursery and to feel secure and comfortable with all staff.

Areas of Learning and Development - At Bright origin nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Communication and Language
We provide children opportunity to experience a rich language environment; to speak and listen in a range of situations; and developing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Physical Development
We support children to be active and interactive; to build their co-ordination, control and movement; to make healthy choices in food and take part in physical activities.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children are taught how to develop their social skills and learn how to manage their feelings; to understand appropriate behaviour in groups and to have confidence in their abilities.

Children are given access to a wide range of reading materials (story books, poems and other materials). Children are encouraged to start reading and writing by helping them link sounds and letters. 

We provide children with opportunities to develop their skills in counting; using numbers; understanding simple addition and subtraction problems and be able to identify and describe shape, spaces and measures.

Understanding the World
Children are provided with play activities that will help them to make sense of their physical world and communities. (people. Technology and places).

Expressive Arts and Design

We help children to share their ideas and feelings through a variety of activities in art, music, movement, dance, role-play, design and technology.

Extra Curriclular Activities
Bright Origin will have a French teacher in once in a week to sing simple French songs with the children and children will have opportunity to learn simple French language from an early age.

There will also be a dance/music teacher coming in once in a week to do various dance activities with the children. We provide a yearly off-site visit, accompanied by parents/adults to interesting area such as seaside, farm house, zoo and others.

Regular off-site visit will include Visits to parks, museum, train stations and library, fire station, police station and others. There will be a yearly sport day activities for children and parents will be invited to participate and support their children.

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