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584 Kingstanding Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham, West Midlands, B44 9SH
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Welcome to Bright Eyes Nursery in Kingstanding, Birmingham. We aim to provide all children with high quality care and education, in a safe and stimulating environment. We work in partnership with all our parents to ensure each child is given the opportunities to learn and develop whilst at nursery.

" Parents report high levels of satisfaction in relation to how well staff know their children and the quality of care provided." Ofsted Report 2017

Throughout your child's time here at Bright Eyes, the nursery provides every child with their very own learning journey. This will have photographs, observations and your child's work in which will be linked into the Early Years Foundation Stage. This can be useful when the children move onto school as well as a lovely keepsake to look back on.

As the safety of each child is paramount to us we ensure appropriate measures are taken to safeguard each child within the nursery.

" Recruitment, vetting and induction systems help to ensure the staff employed are suitable and are clear about their roles and responsibilities." Ofsted Report 2017

Welcome To Bright Eyes Nursery

Baby Room

Our baby unit has been designed to accommodate children form 6 weeks until 1 year. The friendly, homely, relaxed environment in our children's areas reflects our desire to create a safe and enjoyable environment for the children to grow and develop life skills.

Our staff are always available to have a chat with concerned parents and are able to discuss in confidence their child's needs.

We communicate with parents with daily records informing you of how your child has been at nursery.

"Staff ensure that babies receive close contact; they often sit them on their lap and hold them close. Staff work closely with parents to establish babies' individual routines, which are followed to help meet their care needs." Ofsted Report 2017

Our Tweenie One Room is home to the 1 - 2's. There are a wide range of stimulating and exciting toys and equipment provided for the children to build up their skills, be it learning to walk, extending their vocabulary or building their confidence to play with other children.

Toys and activities are constantly updated to ensure that all development skills are encouraged.

"Staff provide a varied range of opportunities for children to be imaginative and freely explore and discover.

For example, children are intrigued as they explore sound with the musical instruments, and others busily paint a cardboard box to create a car. " Ofsted Report 2017

Tweenie Room One

Tweenie Room Two

Our Tweenie Room Two caters for the 2 - 3's age group. We have relevant equipment to promote the independence of each child.

This includes their own art and craft area, home corner, library area and sand and water play. We provide exciting opportunities for children to explore, which helps to create the right balance needed for children to progress within their development.

We know the importance of nurturing children's developments and will plan for outside agencies and outings to assist with their knowledge and understanding, relating to their current planning activities.

" Children take part in a daily indoor dance and movement session and enjoy being active outdoors". Ofsted Report 2017

Welcome to the pre school room. We have designed the room with a free flow system.  The staff plan activities that are educational and stimulating for the children and are able to prepare focused activities which can be done in a group or a 1 to 1 basis.

 " Staff encourage the pre-school children to give their opinions and ideas as part of the pre-school council.

For example, each term children sit with their friends and a member of staff to discuss any ideas they have for the nursery and activities." Ofsted Report 2017

We have allocated an extra curriculum area for the 2 - 5's to use, which assist the staff when working on a 1 to 1 basis with activities such as Writing skills, Creative activities, I.C.T, Maths activities and Quiet Time. Structured timetables allows both age groups to use the area for planned activities.

" Children are well behaved and respond well to gentle reminders about keeping safe.

All children, including those receiving additional funding or who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, make good progress from their starting points" Ofsted Report 2013

Pre School Unit

Nursery Gallery