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44 Neal Avenue, Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, OL6 6PB
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Welcome to Abacus Day Nursery. We provide childcare for children from 3 months - 5 years. We have a friendly atmosphere which creates a welcoming environment where children are happy and have fun whilst developing and achieving at nursery.

In March 2014 ofsted awarded Abacus Day Nursery the highest grading of       "Outstanding" In all areas.     

 "The atmosphere at the nursery is calm and extremely welcoming; children are happy and settled" Ofsted Report 2014      

Working at the nursery we have a highly qualified team of staff including our own cook. The owner holds a level 7 qualification in management. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support the staff and ensures that they are given the opportunities to familiarise themselves with any new courses and legislations.    
  "The Quality of teaching is exemplary" Ofsted Report 2014. 

All our Staff are qualified in Early Years Care & Education, several staff are qualified to Degree Level in Childcare. Several staff are Senco trained, and have had training in Speech and Language.     

We take pride in having a highly qualified workforce with a low staff turn-over. "Staff are skilled, highly trained, and qualified staff work with integrity and enthusiasm and they translate theory into practice extremely well in the children's best interest" Ofsted Report 2014         

As security is of paramount of importance to us, we have fitted CCTV within the nursery so we can monitor and safeguard each child.   A password system is in place for any unknown relatives or family friends who collect a child from the nursery.  

Welcome To Our Nursery

Pooh Bear Room

Welcome to the Pooh Bear Room. We cater for children from 3 months up to 14 months within this room, and have carefully designed safe and suitable areas for the very young children up to when they become mobile.      

Within the baby room we have patio doors leading to their very own outdoor 
area which is covered with a canopy to shelter the decking and artificial grass areas to allow the children to play out in all weather.

In this room  
there is no set routine but staff will work closely with parents to learn your home routine and encourage them to let us know of any changes to food, sleep pattern, physical capabilities etc. This makes the transition between home and nursery as smooth as possible for both baby and parent.

"Working with parents as partners is an integral part of the
 provision" Oftsed Report 2014      

We strongly encourage that every child has a settling in period which is 
tailored to meet their individual needs.   As every child is unique we find that some children may need next to no time to settle into nursery life whereas others may require a lengthy period of time.

We recognise this
and ensure that your child is given the time and attention needed.

“Children thrive in a stable, welcoming, relaxed environment " Ofsted Report 2014.

When the children become more mobile they move up to the Tigger Room which caters for the children from 14 months to 2 years 4 Month.

They have their very 
own creative play and physical play area to explore.   They also have their very own quiet corner to look at books and plenty of resources and  equipment to stimulate their curiosity.

Children in this room enjoy music 
and dance.  "Staff are continually focused on recognizing and meeting children's care, learning and welfare needs" Ofsted Report 2014.      

Tigger Room have their own all weather outdoor play area, which is covered 
by a canopy. This soft play area enables children to play safely in the sand, with push along and ride along toys, building bricks, climbing, crawling, chalking and painting.

Tigger Room

Piglet Room

 Welcome to the Piglet's Room that caters for the children from 2 years 4 Months to 3 years 4 months. We operate a free flow system within the classroom that consists of different curriculum areas that allows the children to access all areas & equipment independently.

"Children are extremely well supported in the acquisition of communication and language skills and their physical, personal, social and emotional development" Ofsted Report 2014     

This encourages, good social integration and offers opportunities and 
facilities to promote independence and development. We know the importance of nurturing children's developments and will plan for outside agencies to visit the nursery, such as small animal farm to assist with their knowledge and understanding, relating to their current planning activities.
Welcome to the Owl Room, home to our preschool children. All activities are planned to support the children's development, there is a balance of adult led and child initiated activities covering aspects of the early learning goals for example, healthy eating, keeping fit, communication and literacy, sand water and messy play, role play, knowledge and understanding of the world and numerical development.      

In this room children develop skills aiding a successful transition to
primary school. "There are exceptionally strong partnerships between the children's key person, parent/carer and other early year’s foundation stage settings" Ofsted Report 2014.

To support learning in communication, language and
literacy, children engage in regular phonic sessions. This will support children linking sounds and letters in the alphabet.

Children are involved in 
learning simple computer skills and given the opportunity to use a variety of age appropriate computer programmes and IT equipment.   Children have the opportunity to learn some simple words in another language such as French, children are encouraged to count to ten in French, and recite nursery rhymes.     

 "Children make exceptionally good progress towards the early learning goals."
      Oftsed Report 2014     

 The nursery plans for an outside agency to come to nursery to promote physical
development and learn about a variety of sporting activities such as golf, cricket, dodge ball, activities including warm up, cool down, number and colour.     

The nursery welcomes children from many different cultures and
accommodates children with English as an additional language as well as children who are under SEN support ranging from helping with physical or learning difficulties.

Our relationship with our parents is very important to us
which is why we invite parents into the setting on regular occasions throughout the year convenient to them to discuss their child's progress.      

Throughout your child's time at nursery we create a learning journal to 
record their personal development. "Children are highly valued as unique individuals and they are fully included and involved in all aspects of the provision" Ofsted Report 2014

Owl Room

Digging The Garden

We celebrate festivals throughout the year for the children to experience different cultures.  At Christmas we have Christmas dinner and a party, where Santa visits the children with a gift.

Charity events are also arranged
for staff and children to support charities.   Some of the charities we have raised funds for are the British Heart Foundation, and  Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.                                             

Nature Garden & Outdoors

We have enhanced a large part of our nursery outdoors to create a nature 
garden. This is suitable for all children within the nursery and allows the children to freely explore the different trees, plants and animals that are part of it. It provides play opportunities such as digging, planting, investigating, exploring, role play, imagination, climbing, running, bike riding, scooters, sledging, building and much more.      

The nature garden has proven to be a main feature of our nursery and has
gained lots of interest from the children, staff, parents and visitors.  Children of all ages plant and care for herbs, fruit and vegetables, which are in turn cooked and eaten in the nursery.

"high levels of consistency 
significantly promote children's good health and help to develop their growing, understanding of healthy eating practices and the need for regular exercise"  Ofsted Report 2014      

Our outdoor area has been carefully designed to provide the children with
stimulating and exciting opportunities. We have divided suitable areas for the age groups to enjoy, such as an area for the babies up to 2 years.  

has soft flooring, grass areas, two of which incorporate large sandpits where children climb in, also one which suitable apparatus to promote their physical skills.

 "Children's physical well-being is promoted extremely 
well through a range of well planned activities, including energetic outside play" Ofsted Report 2014         

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