The Chancellor Phillip Hammond confirms 2 million households will be eligible for tax free childcare by the end of the year in his first Budget speech delivered today, saving parents up to £2,000 per child per year.   The plans were described by Mr Hammond as “support for ordinary working families and woman in the […]
Cuts to bereavement benefit that supports single parents adjusting to single parent life after losing their partner will see thousands left with financial worries at a time when they need support the most. As of the 6th April the announced cuts will see parents receiving payments for 18 months. Previously the payment lasted a maximum […]
Tory MP’S  are warning that Sunday schools could be banned from teaching children that marriage should be between a man and a woman, under plans to force them to undergo regular Ofsted inspections. The Conservative MPs Sir Gerald Howarth, David Burrowes, Gary Streeter and Fiona Bruce MP – fear that the changes could have a […]
  Parents urged to take control of children’s sugar intake with launch of health campaign as children  consume three times the recommended maximum.   Alarming figures reveal children as young as 5 year old eat their body weight in sugar every year, which is three times the recommended amount and is leading to obesity and […]
  Babies born at the weekend are more likely to die or suffer injuries, than those born on a weekday, a new study suggests Nearly 800 babies die each year because NHS hospitals are not performing consistently through the week, according to Imperial College London, The alarming new figures appear to show the devastating toll […]
Retail giant Toys R Us has stopped categorising it’s products as ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ toys on its website after coming under pressure from campaign group, Let Toys Be Toys. The move occurs two years after a meeting with campaign group Let Toys Be Toys, which will now see shoppers  search products by age group, brand […]

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