Holiday Childcare Costs Rising Faster Than Wages

Holiday Childcare Costs Rising Faster Than Wages


The costs of childcare costs have risen dramatically in the last seven years by an increase of more than 50% whilst wages have only seen an increase of 13%.

Areas worse hit by the increase are the North of England and Wales that have seen an increase of more than 100%.  Parents in the north east have seen a rise from paying £63.05 in 2010 to £132.98 in 2017, whilst Wales have seen an increase from £58.89 in 2010 to £117.62 this year.

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner has said the Conservatives and the government are failing working parents who have seen the cost of childcare increase and their wages fall and there has not been enough done to support them.

According to surveys by the Family and Childcare Trust, the areas with the biggest rises are:

  • North East England 111%
  • Wales 100%
  • West Midlands 82%
  • Greater London 73%


Image result for Angela RaynerAngela Rayner added: “Childcare costs have shot up since the Conservatives took office in 2010, and both wages and Government support have failed to keep pace with either the cost of childcare or the needs of families.

The Conservatives responded by saying Labour had ‘blundered’ as they were in charge of childcare in Wales where they said costs had doubled the UK average in that area alone.

Robert Goodwill, the Children’s and Families Minister added:

“This blunder from Labour shows their own failure on childcare – as families in Wales, where Labour are in charge of childcare, face twice the increase of costs as in England.

Conservatives have taken action so this that summer parents benefit from 15 hours of free childcare, income tax cuts worth over #1,000 since 2010 and a pay rise worth #1,400 a year to a full time worker through the National Living Wage.

But we want working parents to have more help with the costs of childcare so from September we are doubling that offer to 30 hours for working parents – worth up to #5,000 per child – with that increased entitlement successfully rolled out in several areas across the country.”


Editor: Hajra Ravat

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